How the NY Youth Tech Team gives back to the community!

Coding in Python

Instructors teach middle school students how to code in Python, a popular text-based programming language. Teens lead classes through advanced coding techniques and the nuances of Python.

Coding in Scratch

Instructors teach elementary school students how to code in Scratch, an education tool that greatly simplifies coding. Teens lead classes through the basics of programming using block-based programming.

Senior Center

Instructors teach senior citizens the basics of using the Internet, including: email, web-browsing, and using a computer. Teens assist senior citizens with all their technology-related problems.


See the NYYTT Team in action!

Python Class

Python Classes

Scratch Class

Scratch Classes

A woman learning about her iPhone settings.

Senior Center


Some info about us.

  • Who Are We?

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Founded in 2014, the New York Youth Technology Team is committed to promoting and establishing a sense of team spirit through community service. Our student-run team is full of high schoolers around the city passionate about technology that seek to inspire future generations of students and give back to the community through volunteerism.

  • What are we made of?

    3 Departments

    NYYTT is divided up into three departments: marketing, technology, and computer science. Each department is focused on providing for the community.

    Our computer science department hosts weekly computer science lessons for low-income middle school students in Queens for them to learn a variety of programming languages including Scratch and Python.

    Our technology department volunteers at various senior centers to help teach the elderly the foundations of technology usage to provide them essential skills to live in the modern era.

    Our marketing department is responsible for recruiting, branding, spreading the mission of NYYTT, and designing the website you are currently viewing.

  • When?

    How often do we meet?

    NYYTT primarily works during the summer. Our team of marketers, programmers, and teachers meet at the Windsor School 1x a week. Python classes are on Saturdays (for 2 hours). Marketers contact one another through their social media and often enter group calls to discuss forthcoming changes to the team. The technology team meets 2x during the week.

  • Well?

    Take Action!

    If you are a parent wishing for your child to be immersed in the world of Python/Scratch, then make sure to sign them up! Contact us or wait for us to contact you. If you are a current high school student, look out for our applications if you want to be a part of the team! If you are a senior, you too can be a part of the experience by being taught at senior centers by our team.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

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Our Amazing Team

The minds behind the New York Youth Tech Team


Leilei Hao


My name is Leilei and I’m a current Senior at Stuyvesant High School! I started volunteering with NYYTT during my sophomore year as a member in the computer science department to spread my love for programming to underprivileged kids and hopefully inspire them to pursue coding in the future. Since then, I have been a Director of Computer Science and spearheaded the creation of a new marketing team. I am honored to serve as the President of NYYTT for the ‘19–‘20 year and am always looking for ways to spread the mission of our team to more people around the city as well as strengthen our team. In my free time, I like to organize my room, bullet journal, read, talk to friends, and hang out with my hamsters.

Chengtao Zhang

Vice President

My name is Chengtao Zhang and I am currently a senior at Stuyvesant High School. I joined NYYTT’s technical department during the summer of my sophomore year. I enjoy teaching and helping elders with technological issues and questions, and seeing the elders understanding and liking the concepts that I taught truly motivates me and makes me take pleasure in volunteering.Throughout my volunteering experiences, I get to interact with elders from different backgrounds and understand more about their ways of thinking and learning. As a result, I have come to further appreciate the elders in both my family and my community. As the Vice President of NYYTT this year, I will strive to improve the quality and quantity of our volunteering so more elders and kids within the community can benefit from our service.


Michael Nath

Web Development Director

I am currently a rising junior attending Stuyvesant High School. My lifelong ambition is to make a mark in the world and for the better. Whether it is the mind of one student or one community, I strive to make use of what has been gifted to me and instill values and knowledge upon others. I am a part of NYYTT because I can guide someone who is in the midst of developing their C.S. skills, but more importantly encourage the future minds of the world in experiencing one of the biggest fields out there in the market. Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing the enthusiasm in students’ eyes when they solve a problem. It tells me that I am one step closer, closer to fulfilling my ambition.

Sharon Zou

Social Media Director

My name is Sharon, and I am one of the two current marketing directors for NYYTT. Since the beginning of high school, I developed an interest in taking photos, making videos and creating websites. I have been a member of both photo departments for Indicator and Spectator, and now I hope to use the skills I have gained to create great content and spread awareness for our team this year. Besides photography and coding, my other interests include dancing, listening to music, reading, and working on my bullet journal.


Chuhan Lin

Technology Director

Hi my name is chuhan and I’m a senior from Bayside High School. I joined NYYTT last year summer as a member in the technology department and I am really grateful on becoming a director of the technology department this year. My goal for joining this program is to spread my knowledge to the elderly who are having difficulties with technologies and make sure that at the end of the program they will learn things that would help them in the future and live an easier life. It’s a pleasure to work on this team and also a great learning experience for me. I love to play basketball and play video games in my free time.

William Zeng

Technology Director

My name is William and I’m a current Senior at Stuyvesant High School. I started volunteering with NYYTT before my freshman year as a member in the technical department. After volunteering for years in NYYTT, I love seeing the volunteering connecting to the old generation - grow perspective in the world- socially. NYYTT made me realize that it was important to teach the elders how to use current technology in order to converse with their children and grandchildren. I want to be the bridge which connects the old and new generations.

Andrew Jiang

Technology Director

My name is Andrew and this will be my second summer back with the New York Youth Tech Team’s tech department. I am excited to return to this team because I want to bridge the gap between technology and the elderlies and increase their technological literacy. Their quality of life can not only be greatly improved by it, the ability to properly navigate the web and use devices is also a matter of safety and security. I am currently a junior in high school pursuing mathematics and computer science. In the future, I want to become a cyber security analyst, but until then, I am stuck fighting my school’s course scheduling website for the classes I want for the upcoming semester. During my spare time, I enjoy kicking back and listening to music, especially soft and pop rock but I have recently begun dabbling in K-pop.

Computer Science

Weini Zhou

Computer Science Director

Hello! I'm Weini, a senior at Stuyvesant. I'm also one of NYYTT's CS Directors. I joined the CS department because I wanted to improve my teaching skills and help introduce Computer Science to the children. I really enjoy teaching because I want to help students achieve the best education that they can get. I hope that I will be able to aid NYYTT’s expansion so that more children will get the opportunity to learn about coding! Apart from teaching, I also enjoy sleeping, watching dramas, and listening to music.

Yifan Wang

Computer Science Director

My name is Yifan, and I’m currently a senior at Stuyvesant High School. I joined the computer science department of NYYTT during my sophomore year because my passion for computer science motivates me to encourage the younger generations to pursue STEM and to bring opportunities to the disadvantaged. For the ‘19 -‘20 year, I am honored serve as the Director of the Computer Science department. Given this responsibility, I work to voice the objective of our team through expanding the number and location of our classes to reach a greater range of people. During my free time, I like to listen to music, bullet journal, and travel.

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